A virtual CFO (aka vCFO) is someone you hire on an as-needed basis to manage the financial actions of your business. A CFO or Chief Financial Officer is often associated with big companies, but businesses of all sizes need guidance to be successful.
That’s great. A virtual CFO will bridge the gap between the two. Your bookkeeper will handle the data entry and payroll, and your tax accountant will prepare your tax returns. A vCFO will help you manage the money going in and out, and look at your business strategically.
That’s okay. The first thing we’ll do together is a Xero health check. We’ll tidy things up, so everything is organised moving forward.
I can’t do your bookkeeping, but I can provide Xero training or recommend a qualified bookkeeper. I’m a registered BAS agent, so I can prepare and file your returns for you.
If you’re struggling with the numbers side of your business or want more than simple data entry, then you’re ready to consider the expertise of a vCFO and get more from your numbers.
Yes! Some of my micro-clients say they can’t afford not to have me. When we work together, you’ll have someone who understands your business, will help you plan, and make the right decisions. And, you’ll never miss another deadline.
I’m located in Sydney but work with clients all over Australia and New Zealand.

No way. Hiring a vCFO means you’re setting up your financial strategies correctly from the start. A lot of start-ups are loss-making for years and have full-time CFOs.

It’s about deciding when you’re ready to get more expertise and support in your business for the finance side of things.

How it works

  • Contact me to book a discovery call. I’ll ask you about your business.
  • Receive a free Xero health check and written report based on my findings.
  • We’ll walk through recommendations and talk about which virtual CFO services are best for you.
  • You’ll receive a detailed proposal outlining scope of works ensuring no double-ups with your other advisors (tax accountants, bookkeepers or other admins).
  • Accept the proposal, and we’ll kick off our collaboration with a Zoom or face-to-face meeting.
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