Financial Advisory Services

Finance. Done differently.

Between your bookkeeper and your tax accountant, a lot is going on, and numbers hold power. Managing and analysing your financial data equals business success.

If you’re not a numbers person, I can help.

If you’re drowning in numbers, you’re ready for a virtual CFO

Must Haves

Packages start from $195/month



Customise it

  • Rolling cash flow forecasting
  • Board reporting and board meeting attendance
  • Development of processes and procedures for growing finance function
  • Company secretarial duties and lodgements with ASIC
  • Company secretarial duties and lodgements with ASIC
  • Supervision of audit and preparation of financial statements
  • Capital raise modelling and due diligence preparation
  • Liaison with key stakeholders, directors, external advisors

Not sure if you're ready for a virtual CFO?

These are real clients who felt the same way and had doubts that they deserved to hire a financial expert. Now, they say they can’t afford NOT to hire one.
Hilary has always been on hand to offer the right solution with a refreshingly honest and workable approach alleviating any problems with crisp ideas and enlightening management and accounting decisions.
From a simple Xero data entry question to a detailed annual budget and financial planning session, Hilary can deliver it all – no challenge too big no challenge too small.
Since Hilary joined OpenAgent as our Virtual CFO, we’ve moved from unaudited to audited accounts, launched a new business, more than doubled headcount and & revenue, and raised capital – all without adding any resources to the finance function.

With a virtual CFO you’ll be in better shape. You’ll know what’s coming in and going out, know what you owe and when you need to pay it. Knowledge is power and a vCFO makes the unknown obvious.

Still not sure if outsourcing is for you?
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