Helping clients overcome their fears of finance and gain control

One of the best parts of my job is growing my clients’ understanding of their accounts or ‘books’ – as we used to call them in the old days.

I was asked recently by a great client if I could spend some time with her and go through a balance sheet and explain to her what it all means. She wanted to grow her own knowledge of reading a reading a balance sheet with a view to unlocking more opportunities from her own client base. I was delighted to be asked to assist with this. One of the issues I am passionate about is is empowering my clients so they can answer their own questions.

It’s often the case that the finance side of a business – be it book-keeping; ATO compliance or something more complex like cashflow forecasting that scares the living daylights out of people! Spending a bit of time de-mystifying the accounts reaps many benefits and speeds up the ability to respond to real time business demands

Once business owners have gained some mastery of their accounting software and we have set it up with key things for them on their dashboards, they tell me that they start to go into the software on a daily basis and are starting to leverage the accounting tech. Growing their confidence in small ways like this ends up saving them money as they feel enabled to keep up with day to day finance tasks.

With this basis in place, I find they are more than ready for the next step in their finance journey.

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